Digitization of Kotte Archeology Museum Coins Begins

Under the full supervision and guidance of the Director General of Archaeology, according to the request of Archaeologist Mr Douglas Bandara, Assistant Director,  Western Province, and with the recommendation of Mr Buddhi Nagodavithana, Assistant Director of Epigraphic and Numismatic, a group of officials from the Epigraphic and Numismatic section conducted the digitisation of coins in the Kotte Archaeological Museum on April 02. Started.

Under the direct oversight and guidance of the Director General of Archaeology, and following a formal request by Archaeologist Mr. Douglas Bandara, Assistant Director for the Western Province, in conjunction with a recommendation from Mr. Buddhi Nagodavithana, Assistant Director of Epigraphy and Numismatics, a specialized team from the Epigraphy and Numismatics division initiated the digitization process of coins at the Kotte Archaeological Museum on April 2nd, 2024.

During the initial phase of the project, prioritization will be given to the digitization of the displayed coins. This process involves assigning a QR code to each coin, which, upon scanning, facilitates immediate access to all pertinent information related to the coin. The introduction of QR codes in the digitization process primarily aims to streamline data access for both local and international tourists, as well as for researchers.

Under the leadership of Archaeologist Dr. Dammi Bandara, who oversees the operations of the online coin data system, Archaeologists Namali Kannangara and Champa Wickramarachchi are spearheading the digitization efforts. The success of this endeavor is further bolstered by the support from the staff of the Kotte Museum, including Mr. Sugath Satharasinghe, Zonal Officer, and Museum Officer Chamila Wilrukshi, whose contributions have been instrumental.
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