Archaeological excavations at the Nagadeepa archaeological site, Mahiyangana

Archaeological excavations have commenced at the ancient idol house located within the Nagadeepa temple precinct, situated in the No. 6/B Nagadeepa Grama Niladhari, under the administrative purview of the Ridhimaliyadda Divisional Secretariat in Uva Province. Launched on the 20th of February, 2024, the primary goal of these excavations is to meticulously uncover, analyze, and document the architectural nuances and the spatial organization inherent to the structure.
The excavation initiative is spearheaded by Mr. Dissanayake Sri Narayana, serving as an Excavation Officer with the Department of Archaeology. Mrs. Inoka Balasuriya, the Assistant Director of the Uva Provincial Archaeology Office, in conjunction with a cadre of officials, participated in the traditional ceremonial observances marking the commencement of the excavation efforts. These ceremonies underscore the cultural and historical importance of the undertaking.
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