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The Public Services Division has been established in the year 1990 with the objective of inculcating awareness in the general public on various archaeological activities and research work carried out by the technical divisions of the Department of Archaeology and on the management of archaeological heritage.

The Public Services Division has been established to fulfill the need to communicate the activities carried out by the Archaeological Department (since 1890) to the public systematically through audio visual media. The division has the following as its aims by performing which the division makes its contribution towards offering the nation’s heritage to the posterity.

  • Promotion of public understanding and awareness on archaeological heritage.
  • Providing infrastructure to researchers.
  • Issue of permits to persons to take photographs and for video recording of archaeological sites and monuments.
  • Giving publicity to archaeological activities through electronic and printed media
  • Conducting workshops to advocate school children and public officers.
  • Sale of departmental publications at concessionary rates.
Administrative Hierarchy of the General Services Division
Role of the Public Services Division

Promotion of the knowledge of the public who takes an interest in subject of archaeology for preservatin of the national heritage and providing assistance to those engaged in case study work by means of launching publications and holding exhibitions and conducting seminars.

Launching Publications

Exhibitions and Seminars

Human Resources Development

Local Training or General (Short term/ Medium term/ Long term)

Foreign Training - Specialized Training

Establishment of Archeological societies and their coordination

Other Internal and External Services

    Taking photographs
    Coordination of printing work
    Provision of archeological information, data and photographs.

Issue of Permits

Permission of the Department of Archaeology should be obtained for taking any type of photograph or video recording at any historical or archaeological site. For this, an application should be made in writing before one week stating the reason for which the permit is required, in respect of which archaeological sites and the date on which photographs would be taken or video recording would be done. If it is in connection with a film or tele drama, a copy of the script should be submitted. Such applications will be considered and permits will be issued for requests which do not cause any damage to the archaeological site, monuments, antiquities or to the scope of archaeology.

Sub Divisions of the General Services Divisions and their Roles Library


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