Munneshvaram Devala

Munneshvaram Devala is situated on the Chilaw –Kurunegala Road in the Chilaw Divisional Secretariat. According to the folk lore, the devala is said to have existed from the days of King Ravana. It also says that in 1448 A.D King Parakramabahu VI who was the then reigning monarch of Sri Lanka had renovated the Devala and had made offerings to it. In addition to the main Vishnu Devala, the Munneshvaram Devala complex contains separate devalas for Gods Aiyanayaka, Kataragama, the Great Bhadrakali, Pillaiyar, Pattini and Shiva. As there had been continuous offerings and venerations from the ancient times to the present day to the Devala, it had been subjected to repetitive renovations. As a result most ancient parts of the building had been destroyed. The remnants of door frames and stone pillars, which had been introduced in to the structure from time to time are yet in existence. The abode of God Vishnu made of stone remains in good preservation to date although it had been painted regularly. All the statues of the devala complex made of stone are ancient and had been brought from India.

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